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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CCNA Exam Guide

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It is normal that when making the decision to become Cisco CCNA Specialist, we make the following questions:

1.    Where I can study CCNA course?
2.    With what resources do I have to learn Cisco?
3.    Where I can take the CCNA certification exam?
4.    How much does the Cisco CCNA certification exam?
5.    Should I file first CCENT exam or should I take directly to the CCNA Composite exam?
6.    Will my current knowledge cover the objectives required by Cisco to take the CCNA exam Certification?
7.    Am I really prepared to take the CCNA certification exam of Cisco?
8.    I'm ready to take the exam ... What should I do?
9.    What happens if I fail the exam?
10.    I am CCNA ... Now what next?

Many of these questions will come to mind, as well as many others. In the same vein, is the uncertainty of knowing when is the right time to take the exam.
This article is intended to provide a small guide on how to prepare to apply for your Cisco CCNA certification exam and any other Cisco certification you want to take in the future.
We will answer each of these questions by assigning a response and tip ... here we go ..

Tip No. 1: Where I can study CCNA course?

Studies with the end in mind! Take the course of your choice, be it on-line, in person, by books or semi-face and DOMINALO! .
Convert rite s studied for a SPECIALIST and not to place a Certificate of Attendance to a Cisco course in your Curriculum Vitae. The CCNA course is not relevant, if you take it as a simple way. The importance comes alive and when you study to get certified.

Tip No. 2: With what resources do I have to learn Cisco?

Your most valuable resources in this project, are your time and willingness to master the different technologies in the CCNA course views. The hours you spend to master the course will be valuable part when submitting your exam. You should also have your own Internet access to valuable resources such as the Cisco Learning Network . However, the recommendation is to go to a house of study or an online program that suits your needs and offer courses taught by Cisco Certified Instructors with expertise in field. This type of training will give you the best of both worlds, academic and labor.

Tip No. 3: Where I can take the CCNA certification exam?

The only world center approved by Cisco Systems, to deliver their certification exams called Pearson VUE. If you want to choose the CCNA exam, you must go to the, registration, and buy the test online. Remember, the only center in the world to take your Cisco certification exams is Pearson VUE.
Tip No. 4: How much does it cost the Cisco CCNA certification exam?

You will have two options to become CCNA, long road is taking two certification exams at a cost  Thus, the first take and pass the International Certification CCENT receive and to take and pass the second, get the CCNA certification. Looking to take the short route, and to take it and pass it, you will automatically receive the CCNA certification.
Tip No. 5: Can I file first CCENT exam or should I take directly the CCNA Composite exam ?
The complete course CCNA course is intense and dense. From there it’s formula to divide into two main groups, the ICND Course-1, with which you get the CCENT and course Certification ICND-2, which added to the knowledge acquired in the ICND-1, complete the curriculum for CCNA certification. Ideally, we follow the recommendation of Cisco, in its Carrere certification and first take the CCENT. . One thing is certain, if you are prepared to take the test compound will be as well to take the CCENT exam and not vice versa. If you've only studied the ICND-1, it is not advisable to present the CCNA Composite, because I shortage knowledge of routing and WAN technologies to complete the exam.

Tip No. 6:My current knowledge cover the objectives required by Cisco to take the CCNA exam Certification?

We are attaching several links, so you can have a guide issued by Cisco on the objectives you must master to submit the exam CCNA and CCENT Certification. It is possible you should on the Cisco Learning Network and the Cisco Portal to access this content. Hesitate no to do, is free and will help you a lot in your training as Cisco Field Engineer.
Information on the Portal CCENT Cisco
Information about CCNA Cisco Portal
Information Objectives in CCNA Cisco Learning Network Partner
Information CCENT Objectives on the Cisco Learning Network Partner

Tip No. 7:I'm really prepared to take the CCNA certification exam of Cisco?

One of the most common mistakes is to present the certification exam really unprepared. You should always keep in mind this ... "The test will not approve or reprove. It's you who pass or fail the test. "
The best way to learn Cisco, is to attend a course, taught by specialists Cisco or study on your own with Cisco official literature. But the most important is the PRACTICE. This is what makes you a Specialist Cisco CCNA. You should practice the commands, again and again, until you are totally familiar. If you have, or practice accounts at Command Line or CLI, you cannot submit the exam. .

When you decide to take the exam, it's because you're a specialist in all topics covered in the Cisco CCNA exam and take the exam is just another step in achieving your goals. Will be 60 or 70 questions you must answer, no problems because you know them and just go to a Pearson VUE Center to validate your knowledge and not to see if you pass the exam.

If you're not ready to take the exam and do not master each of the objectives requested by Cisco, it is best to humbly take a step back, draw back your notes and you check that or those technologies have not yet mastered. Remember ... the Exam not endorse or Certification gives you the CCNA, the test will only validate, in a span of time, through several questions, which as you master the objectives for Becoming a CCNA. You must be a CCNA before entering the exam that is the only guarantee to pass your exam.
Tip No. 8:I'm ready to take the exam ... What should I do?

Excellent! This is very good news for you. We recommend you follow these steps:
1.    Head to Pearson VUE portal and buy your test
2.     Three or two days earlier by telephone contact your Pearson VUE Certification Center and corroborates the time and date, and the availability of the Centre to deliver the test.
3.    Also, three or two days before the test, check your notes and do a quick review of your notes, as well as the objectives of the exam.
4.    Do not study the day before the exam. As you know, you know. Leave the books and relax with your family or friends. Do not late nights and go to bed early.
5.    The day of the exam, wake up early. Light breakfast and avoid foods that may generate upset stomach. 

 It is very normal, but you're ready for the exam, just nerves arise when starting your test, If you have problems or need to get out of the presentation room during the test time, your time will not be stopped, and account for the time you have spent outside the presentation room. These minutes lost, will be very valuable to dedicate them to the test questions.
6.    When you start the exam, empty your mind and concentrate. Answer question by question. Not lose more than 2 minutes in each. If in doubt about the correct answer, which is quite normal, discard used techniques. Also, you can make short pauses to remember your notes and practices in the Command Line.
Tip No. 9: What happens if I fail the exam?

If you do not pass the exam, you'll have another chance in a span of 15-30 days, to be able to buy and schedule another test. Go back to your notes and sketches, studies and PRACTICE weaknesses, doing as many exercises as possible until you really master the technology.
Tip No. 10: I'm Already CCNA ... Now what next?

FELICITATION! You already have one of the most demanding certifications in the telecommunications industry and Internet networks offered by Cisco Systems.
Now touch you decide your career path in Certification Network Engineer Cisco Systems.
You will have options CCNA Specialization
•    CCNA Service Provider

You will have options to Professional Level Certification
•    CCNP Routing and Switching
•    CCNP Security
•    CCNP Service Provider
•    Wireless CCNP

You will have several options at Cisco Engineering Expert
•    CCIE R & S
•    CCIE Service Provider
•    CCIE Storage Network

And if you want to become Cisco Solutions Architect, you will have the following:
•    CCDA
•    CCDP
•    CCDE
•    CCA (currently, is the highest Cisco certification)

Desire, this article has been of interest and will be useful in achieving your Cisco certification goals.
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