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Monday, October 7, 2013

Google, SAP, Cisco & Samsung Among Potential Tech Buyers For Some Or All Of BlackBerry, Says Reuters

3:13 AM
Google, SAP and Cisco are among a number of technology companies interested in buying parts - or all - of BlackBerry, according to Reuters, citing several sources close to the matter. BlackBerry has also apparently requested preliminary expressions Intel, LG and Samsung, early next week. Parties business of most interest to potential buyers as the network technology and patent portfolio BlackBerry secure server, according to sources.

None of the companies cited by Reuters provided comments on their report.Other technology companies , including Microsoft , Huawei and Lenovo , are absent from the list of potential buyers. Redmond surprisingly , despite previously been linked to a possible bid for BlackBerry , Microsoft is now tied with his offer of $ 7.2 billion for Nokia's devices and services . Meanwhile, Chinese telco Huawei has encountered problems in the North American market on issues of national security ties with the Chinese military - that can make an offer for a company that provides government officials Mobile Hard sell.

The buyer has focused on the company - such as SAP or Cisco - could make the best choice for the business - centric security BlackBerry messaging phone right now, with the consumer market for smartphones now focused mainly on Android and iOS . That said, the BYOD trend has been progressively eroding scope of the company of BlackBerry , so that also in this case their appeal is becoming niche . (However, it has its own software for mobile device management , which seeks to take advantage of the BYOD trend , with the ability to manage BlackBerry and iPhone , Android devices ) .

Late last month, the day before the BlackBerry reported a quarterly loss of $ 965 million (mainly due to the amortization of the devices sold Z10 ) , has signed a letter of intent to go private . Also its largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings, is the potential buyer , submitting bid $ 4.7 billion for private company.Going opens the possibility that a new owner might try to break the company and sell their component elements, Although Fairfax says no plans to do so. But according to Reuters , the BlackBerry is actively shopping itself around to potential strategic buyers in any case - as an alternative to the Fairfax offer . This agreement, which values ​​the company at $ 9 per share , has faced some skepticism by financial analysts - who believe that a price of $ 7 per share is more realistic - which may explain why BlackBerry is apparently looking elsewhere now .

Technology buyers are not the only potential bidders for the BlackBerry cake with private equity firms also require the Company to provide additional financial information for its different areas of activity, according to two sources told Reuters. However, they said BlackBerry is currently focused on the adhesion provided by other operators.

Although Google et al seem to agree about , it is clear that there is a serious interest in buying BlackBerry or , where appropriate , the parties may make an offer . Potential bidders are apparently advancing cautiously , given the level of uncertainty surrounding BlackBerry and business applications in the future value of their business.

Google 's interest is likely to be in the BlackBerry patent portfolio . Android has been facing renewed legal attacks in recent weeks , with attorneys from Nokia that make a preliminary victory against HTC flagship device One Android in the United States last week . 2011 Acquisition of Motorola Google has also been widely publicized as a purchase of patents to strengthen IP defenses Android . So it's due diligence to Mountain View at least take a closer look at BlackBerry 's patents . Samsung also be looking at them.

However, Reuters reports that the value of the patent portfolio and licensing agreements BlackBerry is declining rapidly - is likely to halve over the next 18 months. That may temper the interest there.

BlackBerry Patent is estimated to be worth between 2000 and 3 billion , and safety - courier services focused system is probably worth $ 3 billion to $ 4.5 billion . The company also has $ 3.1 billion in cash and investments - however, slipping revenues and more quarters with losses looming, that liquidity will be eaten fairly quickly. Reuters cites Bernstein analyst prediction Pierre Ferragu that the company will burn through almost 2 billion in the next year and a half.

Perhaps hoping to create another business asset could look around for buyers - Meanwhile, the BlackBerry plan to extend the scope of its consumer mobile messaging service , BBM for Android and iOS has always promoted being post.

BBM was originally scheduled for launch of new platforms in the world at the end of last month, but the launch was arrested after a leaked version of Android . Apk overloaded servers. Company L ' , and has said it remains committed to launch BBM on Android and iOS , but since no new timetable for when this will happen . In case, it is possible that the BlackBerry bits is divided and sold before BBM is able to make the jump on other platforms.


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