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Monday, August 12, 2013

CCNA Dumps - CCNA Final Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Which of the following statements are correct regarding EIGRP

EIGRP uses bandwidth and delay as its composite metric by default

EIGRP supports multiple upper layer protocols

EIGRP is backward compatible with IGRP

EIGRP is a classful routing protocol

What is the total user throughput possible on ISDN BRI link?

64 Kbps

128 Kbps

144 Kbps

192 Kbps

What is the bandwidth available for the D channel in BRI?


Spanning-Tree has the following port states. Which port states listen to and learn MAC addresses?



A new switch will be placed in the access layer to add high-speed connectivity to your end users. To configure this switch, which of the following can be used as a source for the new configuration?

Console Port
WWW browser

Which of the following statements are correct regarding VTP transparent mode?

transparent mode switch will not forward VTP advertisements
You can create and delete VLANs on a transparent mode switch
A transparent mode switch will not process incoming advertisements

A transparent mode switch features a configuration revision number of null

Which of the following are accurate statements regarding VLANs?

VLANs can enhance security in your campus network
VLANs increase the number of broadcast domains

VLANs decrease the number of broadcast domains
VLANs decrease the number of collision domains

You have the following IP address and subnet mask assigned to your system - What is your subnet address and what is the broadcast address for your subnet?

Of the metrics used in IGRP, which ones will be used by default?



Which of the following acronyms identifies the device that performs ISDN switching such as an ISDN PBX?


You need to assign a specific port on your access layer switch to a VLAN - what is the correct command for completing this task

switchport access vlan 3
vlan 3
switchport vlan 3
static vlan 3

What is the broadcast IP address of the IP address with a subnet mask of Type the IP address in dotted decimal form.

The correct answer is: ''

To provide network layer independence, CDP was created for which layer of the OSI model?


Which of the following commands is only necessary when configuring DCE interfaces?

clock rate
no shut

What is the default network portion of the IP address

Clients on the network need to access a FTP server on the network. To provide access to this, and only this resource, an existing access list is to be configured with a new permit statement. Of the numbers below, access list numbers provide this functionality?


Which of the following, in conjunction with LMI, allows a Frame Relay configuration to determine the IP addresses reachable from a learned DLCI?


What is the protocol called that allows a router to respond to an ARP request from a client that is attempting to resolve the MAC address of a remote host?

Proxy ARP

You are working on a 2950 Catalyst switch at your access layer. You are in interface configuration mode. Type in the correct command to set the port to trunk unconditionally. No abbreviations will be accepted.

The correct answer is: 'switchport mode trunk'

How many access lists may be assigned to a Cisco router interface?

One total
One per protocol per direction
As many as RAM permits
Three per protocol per direction

Which statement correctly describes Inverse ARP operation?

Routers query the local switch to obtain the IP address for learned DLCIs.
Routers query the remote router to obtain the IP address for learned DLCIs.
Routers broadcast their own DLCIs across the Frame Relay cloud.
Routers broadcast their own IP addresses across the Frame Relay cloud.

Enter the complete command to copy the configuration in RAM to NVRAM. Use "-config" where appropriate.

The correct answer is: 'copy running-config startup-config'

Which Frame Relay feature allows an interface to learn configured DLCIs from its switch?


A corporation has decided to use the subnetted with a 21 bit mask. How many subnets does this provide the company? Type the numeric value for the number of subnets that may be used by the company.

The correct answer is: '30'

A corporate video server is being used to broadcast information to clients throughout the enterprise network. It is important the streamed video be encoded in such a way that all client applications are able to process and correctly understand the video signals received. What layer of the OSI model addresses this concern?

The application layer
The presentation layer
The session layer
The transport layer

You are using an IP address of with a subnet mask of How many hosts are supported on your subnet?


Your workstation is on the subnet Which of the following are valid host addresses for this subnet?

Which statements regarding OSPF are correct?

OSPF increases the overhead on a router
The Router ID must be reachable by all other OSPF hosts
All areas must have connectivity (real or virtual) with area 0
A router with an interface in area 0 is known as a backbone router

Which is the correct command that permits the telnet protocol from any source to any destination in an access list?

access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq 24
access-list 100 permit tcp any eq 23
access-list 100 permit ip any any eq 23
access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq 23

From interface configuration mode, set the interface to use PPP. Type the complete command.

The correct answer is: 'encapsulation ppp'

A switch running in Fragment-free mode will examine how much of the frame before transmitting?

The switch will begin forwarding the frame immediately upon arrival.
The switch will forward once the destination MAC is known.
The switch will read the first 64 bytes of information before forwarding the frame.
The switch will read the first 64 kilobytes of information before forwarding the frame.
The switch will real the entire frame before forwarding.

Station A and B are communicating with a TCP window size of 4. Station A sends first four segments, the first of which has a sequence number of 239. What sequence number will be acknowledged by station B?


Which ISDN standard identifies telephone numbering?


What will be the destination MAC address in a frame when a host goes to communicate with a remote host in a Cisco network?

The MAC address of the remote host
The MAC address of the local switch port
The MAC address of the default gateway
The MAC address of the local hub

A standard IP access list is being used to control Telnet access to Router A. Apply the standard IP access-list 45 to line vty 0 4 from line configuration mode. Type the complete command to do this

The correct answer is: 'access-class 45 in'

If you have an access layer switch that features 22 ports connected to workstations and you are in the default configuration - how many collision domains will you have?


A server farm is being created which houses eight new high-end enterprise servers. These servers are on a switched LAN. What would be the appropriate connection to use between the switch interconnecting these servers and the router giving them connectivity to the rest of the campus? Choose the best connection.

Category 3 straight-through
Category 3 crossover
Category 5 straight-through
Category 5 crossover
A rollover cable

When doing a show version command on a 2600 series router, the configuration register is shown to be 0x2101. On the next boot, what will be the source, if any, of the IOS?

TFTP server
The router will boot into ROM monitor mode

SwitchA and SwitchB are both configured as VTP servers. Your manager has asked that you make it so that VLANs can't be added or deleted on SwitchB, but that it still listens to VTP updates from SwitchA. Type the VLAN database command to configure this setting. No abbreviations will be accepted

The correct answer is: 'vtp client'

Which EIGRP command allows you to control load balancing between unequal links?


What is the network ID of the IP address with a mask of Type the IP address in dotted decimal form

The correct answer is: ''

In regards to routing protocols, when router A sends an update to router B with new information, what prevents router B from sending the same information back to router A?

Route poisoning
Split horizon
Hold down
Poison reverse
Triggered updates

What categories does RIP version 2 fall in?

distance vector

link state


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